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Don’t take my word for it. Read these amazing testimonials of peoples experience with our Clean Eating Programs

” Francesca provides an incredible amount of knowledge and support to you. She helps with any concerns, questions or comments you might have and she provides daily encouragement too. Plus, it is so much fun to do this detox with others. I made new friends from all over, we all became healthier together!”

“I loved the group experience with Francesca at the helm. I learned so much during those two weeks even though I’d made significant dietary changes and was a voracious reader before starting the detox. It was everything and more that I was looking for.”

“The program could not have been followed more closely. All questions were answered immediately and with even more information. Learnt so much in two weeks about who nutrition really works to make you feel in control and better! It is also great being part of the group and not just getting Francesca Gadaleta Giessmann amazing knowledge and care, but also to talk to everyone else participating and hearing what they are feeling throughout the detox! great fun!”

“My dear Francesca…I never thought that in a weeks time I would feel as great as I do. Cravings are gone….unless I smell really yummy Mexican food…and maybe a glass of wine…I sleep well and I feel like I am awake! This has opened my eyes! xoxo”

“It’s day 4 and I lost 3 pounds and I never felt I was on a diet! ”

” 7 days, 8 pounds lighter! OMG!!!!!!!!”

“This detox is simply amazing and like no other I have tried! It’s delicious hearty real food that will give you incredible energy and take you off those unhealthy food/drink (coffee-really!) you are relying on to get you through the day. I am living proof, you must give this a try. Plus Francesca n and the group you supports you all the way!”

“I just wanted to tell Francesca that I am feeling awesome! I survived the first week where hell broke loose inside of me, and all my inner demons where unleashed at the same time… but now WOW!!!! 2 days of pure energy!!!!! —

“Francesca Gadaleta Giessmann I am in a same sex relationship with an amazing woman for the last 10 years, we want to have a child which she will carry and my brother is going to be the donor, we tried for most of last year unsuccessfully at a fertility clinic, and just changed clinics last november where we were hoping to do an ivf procedure, but on scanning it was discovered that she has a very large mass to her right ovary (endometriosis) and the doctor said that in previous scans at the other clinic which we made available to her, it was all there, and definitely we would have to do surgery to remove it before we could think of proceeding. We put of that decision for this year, and it was planned for later this month. Anyway everyday as i prepare my delicous meals from the NOurishing Seed, I am of course by extension also cooking for her. We have both been eating these meals since last Tuesday with no Cheats at all. We have lost appox 10lbs each, we both feel so great, and can feel a big difference with our breathing. Well today we went to the clinic, for a final scan, to set the date for the surgery, and the doctor could not believe her eyes that the mass that was there before was now half the size, and showing signs of dissolving, and therefore surgery will not be required , the doctor had never seen anything like that before, I told of the Nourishing Seed and gave her the link to your website and that we can now move foward with the IVF. We are so excited to be feeling so good and getting such good news in such a short space of time, I am so thankful to God and the Universe for leading me to you. With lots of love from T & N”

“Loving the recipes. Kale chips are in the oven. Chocolate sunbutter protein balls and raw protein seed balls. Both are surprisingly good.”

“First 1/2 marathon that I passed on the Gatorades & goos. Had the chocolate berry smoothie with hemp protein for breakfast and during the race had water and my own Gatorade made with coconut water, a little bit of cranberry concentrate & chia seeds. Did not feel tired at all!! You can be healthy & clean during races!!”

“So I took a SoulCycle class with my favorite instructor on Wednesday. My energy was low and I was basically waiting for it to be over. Rode with him this morning, and all I can say is wow! What a difference a few days and clean eating has made…I tore it up!! Yeah baby!!”

“Despite my minor setback yesterday, I feel great! I went to two concerts this weekend and got hit on by 19 year olds, twice! I’m 41! Ha!

I’m going to rephrase what Oprah said and say this:

“Nothing tastes as good as HEALTHY feels.” (She said skinny instead of healthy but you don’t have to be skinny to be healthy)

Rock on Detox peeps! Thank you SOOOO much”

“I am so happy to have found you Francesca! B. and I have officially changed our eating habits for good, it won’t end at the 15th day of detox. This was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Thank you!”

“I am feeling fantastic & cannot believe that I’m eating things like chia seeds, sunflower seed butter & kale! Crazy!!”

“Love, love love the Jamaican Jerk sauce for the roasted vegetables. I doubled it to bake chicken for all the meat eaters in the house and would like to live off the veggies for the rest of the winter. This is definitely going to become a staple meal in the house, not just a detox recipe but something that I will feed to guests. I’ve always had a twisted relationship with food — I perpetually blamed anxiety and thought it was me rather than the ingredients that were making me sick. I’d transformed my diet radically this year, but all of the detox recipes make me feel better with every bite. Sticking wholly to the plan this past week, I’ve taken it all one step further and have been pushing myself to confront common anxiety triggers knowing that I’m well armed with optimal nutrition and a clear mind. The results have been better than expected. Thank you!”

“I am loving the emails and recipes! Thank you for being so great.. I took a leap of faith signing up and I am not regretting it :)))”

” The easiest way to loose 5 pounds. I feel tremendous”

“I made the protein seed balls. Very tasty – even the hubby who is not detoxing said it was good.”

“The baked apples are yummy,and the chocolate chia pudding pretty good, too! Great if you are having a sweet tooth.”

“Made the curry cauliflower and added some simple baked chicken, deck of card size . Super easy and delicious. Sorry, no pic…I was hungry.”

” I have been enjoying different flavors. I was so bored with my cooking.  The recipes are awesome and shopping lists are LIFE and TIME savers”

” Down 8 FRICKING pounds! And I have been eating real delicious food”

” Thank you! This whole process has been very eye opening. Someone as me who was always counting calories and fat, now seemingly letting that go”

“I am having a blast with Vitamix! Made carrot orange spice soup, caco protein balls, now onto savory sunflower pâté!”

“Made the kale chips today (snack food), and they are so yummy!! They will be perfect when I want a salty/crunchy snack. Made 2 batches, they were that good!”

“Really like the carrot orange spice soup with shredded chicken as a protein add in! Trader Joes has decent shrimp in the frozen section, going to give that a try too as a protein add in to this soup.”

“Wow! It’s 4PM. I don’t think there has been a day in my adult life when I have not gone to work without coffee! I have been making the smoothies for about a week and I immediately noticed a change in my energy levels ( No more 4pm crash) 48 hours no coffee, still going strong and no headaches! Looking forward to the gym and 5:30


” I also made the cranberry bliss smoothie, and it was sooooo good! If you like tart, you will love this! I think anyone who really likes the lemon elixir will like the cranberry bliss smoothie. The spinach and pumpkin seed power smoothie was really good, too, but cranberry bliss rocks!”

“Another yummy smoothie to start my day. Love this chocolate & kale smoothie!! Francesca , I am so glad I joined this detox program. ”

“Coming from a person who always had her hubby bring coffee to her in bed first thing in the morning, and downed the whole cup before even opening her eyes, I never thought I would give it up. Just 5 days ago, I was doing 3 cups a day. Today was my last day of coffee. I have tapered it down, and today, I went for a 2 mile walk and drank my lemon elixir before I even drank my one half cup of coffee. If I didn’t have to work, I would’ve quit today. Headaches as I cut down Monday and Tuesday, but today I felt great. We will see what’s in store, but I NEVER thought I would even attempt this! I love that you are encouraging us,Francesca. ”

“OMG! Made the sunflower seed pate and I had it wrapped in the collard green with some avocado and red onion. IT WAS THE BEST!! I had one collard green and 1/4 of the pate and I am satisfied. I cut it in half and made two wraps. I was unsure about the collard green but it was great”

“The elixirs, juices and smoothies have been keeping me sane and moving over the past few days of battling a hay disaster at our farm. Tonight was the first time in two weeks that I’ve been able to leave and truly peruse the grocery store and it’s a very nice feeling to have eighty percent produce in the cart. I’m preparing the chia pudding tonight for an early breakfast that will hopefully set the tone for the day. It’s been so wonderful sneaking onto my phone in between damage control and seeing everyone’s updates during the day. Everyone is doing so well! ”

“Thank you for these healthy tips about really enjoying our food. The recipes you’ve provided us have been so flavorful, satisfying, and, to my surprise, filling! I have read that our bodies somehow get more nutrition from food when we take our time. I needed the reminder. Thank you!”

“Just walked by the best burger joint in town and my taste buds wept  but I instantly remembered why I’m doing this and how good I feel right now. There’s a skip in my step and I’m feeling so energized! I work in the medical field so I’m allowed to be gross so, BM’s are so light and healthy too! Have a glorious night everyone! ”

“Who invented chia seeds and why have i never come across them before? Am having a hard time not eating the whole bowl of the choc chia seed pudding. So simple yet so delicious!

“Can one ever have too much cocoa by the way? Have had choc covered berries smoothy and have made the chia choc pudding. ( will try and save some for the kids…..!) but is 2 tbs cocoa in one day too much? ( forget coffee….am now a raw cocoa addict….!”