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[WHO WOULD LISTEN?] Thank you!

listoning-12As this year is coming to an end, I sit here with my heart filled with gratitude. I am surrounded by family and loved ones.  I am enjoying my vibrant health. Our house has become a home.

My winter detox program has launched with huge success and I am working with many interesting clients helping them remain or get well.  I also have a super cool new partnership with the Drs. from Back to Basics Health & Wellness Center that I am sure will only continue to grow.

I feel an incredible sense of purpose and the assurance that I can help people live a healthier life…whatever that means to each of those individuals.

But it was not always like this.  I had fears. I had many doubts.  When I started my studies to become a health Coach , I wondered: -“Who would listen to me?”.

I am just a regular girl with some extra meat on my bones.  My family life is far from perfect.

I indulge. I get mad. I stress.

But unlike other doubtful times, I had this inner energy that kept telling me: – Go ahead !

It was my truth and what I had to do and discover was right there once I silent the noise, slowed down and took the plunge.  I had to overcome my fears.  I had to surrender.

So my wish to everyone on this new year that we are about to start is to: surrender, trust, accept and be grateful.

Thank you for listening. I mean it.  From the heart: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

It worked for me and I truly wish it for everyone.

with much love and deep gratitude,

in good health,



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