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tiem for a revolution

Answer these questions please : Do you feel tired and sluggish? Do you seem to have muscle or joint aches more than you used to? Do you have trouble concentrating or feel like you are living in a fog? Do you have frequent colds, flus or sinus infections? Have you developed sensitivities to multiple foods, smells, or other chemicals? Are you overweight or underweight?

Do you have insomnia, PMS, irritability, anger, or depression?Do you have hormonal imbalances, hot flashes, or blood sugar problems? Do you have high cholesterol? Do you have skin disorders? Do you have digestion or elimination problems? Are you relatively healthy and desire to stay that way?

If you answered yes to any  of these questions I reckon is time that you take a good look at what foods you are feeding your body and cels.

I offer several different programs that can help you hit the RESET! RECHARGE! and NOURISH!

  • no deprivation bannrerA Nourished New You (11 Day Detox )

I have designed a 11-days Detox that allows you to eat healthy, clean, nourishing foods without going hungry, while rebooting your digestion and natural detoxification processes, reducing inflammation, and shedding a few pounds. It’s a way to simplify your diet and lighten your toxic burden of environmental chemicals, sugar, and other burdens of the Standard American Diet.

With a whole lotta’ buzz about juicing, cleansing, and detoxing, going on, it’s really important that folks do the right type of detox for their body — and for the season — in order to retain or restore health balance.

$99 includes one 50 mins private session plus detox guide, day by day plan, recipes and shopping lists

  • kick the junk.jpgRevitalize 6  (six Weeks Clean Eating Transformation)                          A Clean Eating Program

If you would  like to ditch old habits that don’t serve you  anymore and have you tried all the “quick fixes” … with almost 0 results, this the the program for you.
If you are  sick and tired of buying book after book, doing diet after diet, and still not experiencing the changes you desire and if you would like more happiness, more energy and a feeling of
total balance throughout the day, this program is for you. If you would like to be free from confusion about what to eat, where you feel completely in control of your body and mind.  This program is for you.  Here you will learn how to:

∙ Eat the foods that are right for you
∙ Plan meals.
∙ Put yourself first.∙Take the exact steps, week by week, that will help you achieve long lasting results.

$399 (includes 5 weekly 45′ mins private support sessions and handouts + all material such as recipes, shopping lists and tons of bonus materials)

  • 1:1 customized coaching programs with specific targets and goals 

If you feel that none of the above programs work for you we can create your own personalized program. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance

$88/50 mins private session or $ 440 /6 sessions

  • Customized Small Groups and Family Programs 

Why not get a group of friends or family members and start this journey together? Group programs create an environment of support and encouragement to assist you in making lasting lifestyle changes in areas like, stress management, weight loss, better nutrition habits, developing an exercise routine and meal planning.

While your health‐related goals might be different from another participant, the strategies for success are the same. Group Health Coaching offers competitive pricing. The social support provided by a group set up is a critical component for long‐term success.

Prices vary based on numbers of participants

Ready? What are you waiting for?

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